Why do a self-evaluation?

Get clarity on what you should improve in the next 90 days

Get fast insights into how to raise your product team's performance

Complete in less than 5 minutes

You will find out how you are doing in 5 pillars of Product Development

Product-Market Fit

Ideal Product Direction

Attract & Engage Top Talent

Optimal Team Dynamics

Technical Excellence Ensured

Find the Bottlenecks in Your Product Development Systems in 8 Minutes

15 questions to improve your development efficiency

Start scorecard

Identify the Best Places to Focus Your Efforts



1. Answer 15 Questions

Do a gut-check in 5 key areas of product development.

2. Review Results

Gain some quick insights into where things are going well and where you might want to focus improvements. 

3. Get Guidance

Receive an instant free report on how to achieve High-Performance Product Evolution and optionally book a call with us to discuss how we can help.

Take the First Step Toward High-Performance Product Evolution.

Because Our Future And Your Impact Depend on It! 


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